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Playsafer Rubber Curbs are designed to work together with loose-fill

systems to create beautiful, safe finished spaces.



When we decided to install Playsafer Rubber Mulch into our playground we discussed various options for retaining the loose surface, including both wood or concrete curbs. In the end we decided to install Playsafer Rubber Curbs and we are glad that we did.  Not only are they softer and splinter free, but the were a breeze to install and the curbs match the surface creating a perfectly finished look.




Playsafer Rubber Curb - GUIDE SPECS

Q  Can rubber curbs be cut?

A   Yes. If large volume cutting is required, a circular or reciprocating saw is normally used, however a sharp razor knife can also be used for low volume cutting.


Q  Can curbs be fitting to irregular shaped playgrounds?

A   Yes, our curbs are flexible and can be bent up to 70 degrees.


Q   How are the curbs fastened together?

A   All rubber curbs interlock and have pre-drilled holes that align one curb to the adjacent curb.  Specially supplied stakes are then used to attached each curb together.  In some instances, reinforcing screws are used to secure difficult joints.


Q  Is there any special sub-base preparation required for the installation of the curbs?

A   Rubber curbs can be installed directly over existing soil provided that it is is properly leveled and compacted.



Playsafer Wear Mats are the perfect finishing touch for any loose-fill

playground surface.



Playsafer Wear Mats have been the perfect addition to our rubber mulch installation.  The mats provide the perfect solution under slide exits and swings bays, and has significantly reduced the amount of maintenance we

were accustom to performing.




Playsafer Wear Mat - GUIDE SPECS

Q  Can wear Mats be glued down?

A   Although wear mats can be glued to unitary surfaces, they are normally loose laid.


Q  Do wear mats come is different color options?

A   Currently our commercials wear mats are available in black only and our residential version is available in green only.


Q   What is the difference between the commercial and residential wear mat?

A   Our commercial wears mats are a much heavier duty product designed for high use traffic.


Q  Are wear mats installed under or over rubber mulch?

A   Whether the wear mat is installed on top of loose fill or underneath is a matter of customer preference with both configurations being viable options based on the desired outcome.


Q  Can wear mats be anchored down?

A   No, there is currently no option to anchor the wear mat in place.

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