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Finally, a cost-effective, wheelchair-accessible solution without the price tag!


Accessamat is the surfacing solution that

the ADA community has been waiting for.

Accessamat is a fast, simple and low cost method of enhancing the

accessibility of loose-fill surfaces, while significantly reducing

maintenance requirements. Firm, stable, safe and budget friendly,

Accessamat works with a variety of loose-fill options.

Q  Can Accessamat be used with existing loose rubber surfaces?

A   Yes.  Many playground owners are deciding to retrofit their loose rubber surfaces with Accessamat to take advantage of the increased accessibility and reduced maintenance that Accessamat provides.


Q  How long does it take to retrofit a playground with Accessamat?

A   Many factors can affect the amount of time required to retrofit an existing loose fill surface, however with the right equipment a typical playground can be retrofitted in one day.


Q  How is Accessamat installed?

A   Three inches of rubber mulch is layed over the playground area, followed by the installation of the

Accessamat.  After each mat is fitted into place and joined together with rivets, a top dressing of rubber mulch is then placed over the Accessamat tray.


Q  Does installation require specialized installers?

A  No.  Accessamat is very simple to install.  Most buyers choose to self-install the product using our

comprehensive installation guide.


Q  Does the installation of Accessamat affect the fall safety performance?

A  Yes.  The installation of Accessamat provides a marginal initial improvement in safety performance but more importantly, the Accessamat system holds loose fill firmly in place so that consistent fall protection is maintained with minimal maintenance.



 I was really quite taken back with how easy it was to retrofit

our existing loose-fill surface.  I was equally surprised with the amazing effect that the changes had on the surface.  Even though it is now firm, stable and accessible, it feels much more resilient and we hardly ever have to maintain  it.  I have never seen anything quite like this.


Tom Norquist, New Jersey


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