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Finally, a cost-effective, wheelchair-accessible solution without the price tag!


Accessamat is the surfacing solution that

the ADA community has been waiting for.

Accessamat is a fast, simple and low cost method of enhancing the

accessibility of loose-fill surfaces, while significantly reducing

maintenance requirements. Firm, stable, safe and budget friendly,

Accessamat works with a variety of loose-fill options.

Accessamat offers an alternative to the traditional options of expensive upfront investments in unitary surfacing or ongoing maintenance costs associated with some loose-fill systems.


Accessamat is a hybrid surfacing system unlike any other playground

surface available today.  Our patented under-layer holds loose-fill

surfacing firmly in place, significantly reducing maintenance costs

associated with raking and leveling, while providing superior

accessibility.  Accessamat provides an unprecedented 15’ fall

height rating while simultaneously offering a firm, stable and

accessible surface with a combined score of less than 110 using

the rotational penetrometer.


Accessamat is significantly less expensive when compared to unitary

systems while providing similar accessibility ratings and far superior

safety ratings.


  Heavy-duty construction

  Up to 15’ fall protection

  Firm, stable and truly accessible

  Low initial investment

  Low maintenance

  Simple to install from novice to pro

  100% post consumer recycled content

  Rapid draining

  Will not harden, compact, or freeze

Perfect for New or Retrofit Projects!



3 inches of mulch is placed in the area. The interlocking Accessamat tiles are laid out on the mulch. Another 2 inches of mulch is placed over the Accessamat tiles.

Great for Access Routes on Trails and Public Beaches

Excavate 3 inches of sand. Install Accessamat tiles. Backfill with sand.

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