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Than Traditional Rubber Flooring Tiles




 We recently installed Aveer Sports Flooring in our free

weight area.  Not only has our new floor improved the

overall appearance of our facility, but the reduction in

sound and vibration from dropping free weights has

been significant. The fact that this floor is so much

easier to keep clean compared to our old rolled rubber flooring has been a blessing!





Aveer Sports F - CUT SHEET

Aveer Aports F - 15 YEAR WARRANTY

Q  What is Aveer made from?

A   Unlike many thicker sports surfaces designed for free weigh areas, Aveer is the only product made from vulcanized virgin rubber which provides superior durability and consistency.


Q  How thick is Aveer?

A   Aveer Sports Flooring was designed at 1 inch thick to help absorb sound and shock associated with the dropping of heavy weights.


Q  Can Aveer be used in Free Weight Areas?

A   Aveer was specifically designed to be used in and around free weight areas.  Aveer is made with

an extremely durable rubber compound that allows for continual dropping of heavy weights without damaging the floor or the sub-floor.


Q  Can Aveer be used in Cardio areas?

A  Absolutely! Although a 1 inch thick surface may be more than what is required, the added resilience under foot helps provides protection from strains associated plyometric type exercises.


Q  Does the floor have a strong odour?

A   No. Unlike many fitness floors made from recycled rubber, Aveer's virgin rubber composition is virtually odorless.


Q  What are the maintenance requirements?

A  Aveer is completely non-porous which makes it very easy to clean.  A simple vacuum and mopping regime is all that is required.

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