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Than Traditional Rubber Flooring Tiles


Aveer Sports Flooring combines aesthetics, durability, resilience

and functionality into the ultimate athletic surfacing system!

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Design Feature Summary

  Ideal for high-impact, high-abuse areas

  Shock and sound dampening properties

  Resilient underfoot

  Non-porous and easy to maintain

  Virtually seamless appearance

  Textured, high-gloss and slip-resistant finish

  Can be reconfigured or relocated

  Channel wire and cables under the floor

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There is no denying, Aveer Sports Flooring is

pleasing to the eye.  The high-gloss finish is com-

plimented with a unique texture that scatters light,

hides dirt, and provides a completely new look in athletic flooring.  The zero radius seamline

provides a virtually seamless looking floor.

Our engineered under-layer is where

the real performance is unleashed.  Aveer

has been uniquely designed with over 1000

pyramid-shaped, stabilizing pedestals which act inter-dependently to precisely balance impact load.  This design feature provides key benefits that all performance floors aspire to, including Impact resistance, sound and vibration dampening properties, and unrivaled resilience to protect the athletes that train on it.

Aveer is not only sleek, it has a serious mean streak. Made with proprietary rubber com-

pounds that are vulcanized, Aveer is up to 6

times stronger than traditional rubber flooring tiles.  In fact, Aveer can literally take

anything you can throw at it.  Drop

free weights directly onto the floor

with no scuffing, denting or


Aveer Sport has been designed with a unique connecting system that allows the floor to be removed and reconfigured as needed.  The

ultra-durable top surface is completely non-

porous translating into a floor that is extremely easy to maintain.  No more expensive cleaning agents and specialized equipment.

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