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Looks Like Poured-In-Place, Performs Like Tiles.

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No need to compromise consistency,

durability and safety performance for

amazing patterns and designs.

With the Genesis Seamless Tile System,

you can have both!

The Genesis Seamless Tile System was specifically designed to integrate the best features of playground

tiles and poured-in-place into a single product.


Genesis offers all of the safety performance and engineered design features of a well manufactured safety

tile, while simultaneously providing the playful design capabilities expected in a poured-in-place surface.


Our highly-engineered safety performance

layer is made from ultra-durable, vulcanized

rubber, and produced under strictly-controlled

factory conditions translating into the consistency and safety performance you

expect from a well-manufactured tile.

And with the Genesis System, there is no

trade-off in design.  Our inter-locking,

hollow-cone base system is in-filled with

rubber mulch to provide a stable, rapidly draining cushion layer...


...and topped with an industry standard,

1/2 inch thick layer of colorful EPDM giving

you all of the design potential of a traditional

poured-in-place system, and all of the

performance of a high-quality tile.

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