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Playing on turf has

never been safer.

Patent Pending

Meet the next generation in synthetic playground turf.  Genesis

Turf is a lush, natural looking synthetic grass that is very cost-effective,

aesthetically appealing, low maintenance, and ADA accessible.

Our patent pending, precisely engineered performance layer is what truly sets Genesis Turf apart from all other playground turf systems.


Designed from the ground up, Genesis Turf's cushion layer is a completely unique approach to fall protection and playground safety.  Made with an ultra-durable vulcanized rubber, our base system has been engineered with a hollow-cone design creating air space that provides consistent safety performance year after year, wet or dry, and in any weather condition.


The unique interlocking edge feature allows for quick and easy installation and ensures that the base stays firmly locked in place.

 Snap the Genesis Turf tiles together. 1
In-fill with Rubbermulch.  Top with synthetic turf. 2 3

  Extremely durable

  Rapid draining

  Will not harden over time

  Will not freeze

  Will not breakdown

  Simple to install

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