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Looks Like Poured-In-Place, Performs Like Tiles.

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Q  What is a seamless tile system?

A   Genesis is comprised of an engineered, vulcanized interlocking rubber tile, in-filled with loose

rubber and topped with a traditional poured in place top layer.  Genesis was designed to take

advantage of the engineering and consistency associated with factory made tiles while providing

all of the colorful designs and free flowing patterns that a poured surface can offer.


Q  Why should I consider using the Genesis Seamless Tile System?

A   The advantage that Genesis offers is in the engineered cushion layer.  This layer provides a level of safety performance, consistency and longevity that cannot be achieved with traditional poured-in-place surfaces.  In fact, Genesis performs in the 300 HIC range at 8 feet.


Q  What type of sub-surface is required for installation?

A   Although concrete and asphalt are always the sub-surface of choice, Genesis can be installed over

a properly prepared aggregate sub-base.


Q  Can Genesis be installed at different thicknesses?

A   No.  Since the cushion layer consists of an interlocking molded tile, all Genesis surfaces are 3.5 inches thick.


Q  What are the maintenance requirements?

A   As with most unitary surfaces, ongoing routine maintenance is not required in order to maintain safety performance.


Q  How does pricing compare to traditions poured systems?

A   Genesis is generally more cost-effective compared traditional poured systems while simultaneously

offering far superior safety ratings.

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