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Playing on turf has

never been safer.



 When we mentioned that our playground was positioned in

a low elevation area that receives a lot of water flow, you recommended your Genesis Turf product, and to date, we cannot be happier with our choice.  We have witnessed ourselves just how fast the surface drains and becomes dry and ready for play after a heavy rainfall.  The kids now see

a lot more playground time and we don't have to deal

with wet mucky conditions.


Genesis Turf - CUT SHEET

Q  What is Genesis Turf?

A   Genesis Turf is a unique playground surfacing system that combines a highly-engineered cushion layer with  high quality artificial turf.


Q  How is Genesis Turf different than other turf systems?

A   Genesis Turf installation looks like any other artificial turf system.  The key difference lies in our engineered cushion layer which is made from vulcanized rubber and designed for superior shock absorption.


Q  How is the system installed?

A   Genesis Turf can be installed over concrete, asphalt or a compacted aggregate sub-surface.  Interlocking tiles are installed with a rubber infill followed by the installation of the artificial turf which is carried out using the same process as traditional turf installations.


Q  Why should I consider using Genesis Turf?

A   Unlike other turf systems, Genesis provides far superior safety ratings.  Our turf system provides

HIC ratings between 200 and 300 at 8 feet and complies with ASTM F1292 up to 12 feet.  Additionally, our impact absorbing layer is interlocking, provides rapid drainage and will not break down.


Q  How does pricing compare to other turf systems?

A   Since all of the components of our Genesis Turf cushion system are made in-house, we are able

to provide a very high quality system at a price point that is generally lower than other systems.



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