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Loosefill Systems

Since 1996, Rubberecycle has been manufacturing high-quality rubber mulch for playgrounds, landscaping and equestrian footing applications.


Our rubber mulch is manufactured in-house to the highest quality standards.


Playsafer rubber mulch is clean, wire- free, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe.


Since Playsafer rubber mulch requires minimal maintenance, dries quickly after a rain and will not freeze, compact, or decompose, you can be assured that it is the most cost- effective ground covering available.

Interlocking Tile Systems

Aveer interlocking tiles are a unique impact absorbing playground tile unlike any other tile available.


Aveer is the only playground tile moulded from a solid sheet of vulcanized rubber resulting in a surface that is 6 times stronger than traditional playground tiles.


Aveer has been engineered with a unique impact absorbing under layer that provides unprecedented safety performance at under 270 HIC for an 8 foot fall rating.


Extreme durability, unprecedented safety ratings, and our vandal-proof locking system make Aveer the logical choice for the most demanding playground environments.

Poured Systems

Rubberecycle offers a wide array of poured-in-place playground surfaces.


Our RubberBond surface combines the superior safety ratings associated with a loose-fill system with the accessibility and low maintenance advantages of a traditional unitary surface. Safety rated at 16', Rubber Bond raises the standard for safety.


The Genesis Seamless Tile System was specifically designed to integrate the best features of playground tiles and poured in place into a single product. Genesis offers the consistency of a factory made product, while simultaneously providing the playful design capabilities expected in a poured system.


Turf Systems

Genesis Turf represents the next generation in synthetic playground turf.


Designed from the ground up, our Genesis' impact-absorbing layer offers a completely unique approach to playground safety.  Made with an ultra durable vulcanized rubber, our base system has been engineered with a hollow cone design and creates air space that provides safety ratings under 300 HIC at 8 feet.


Our Genesis interlocking base is rapid draining, ultra durable and easy to install.

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