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Since rubber mulch hit the market over a decade ago, it has become an

increasingly popular choice for residential and commercial landscaping

based on appearance, durability, and low maintenance factors.

  Will not attract weeds or deadly spores

  Will last for at least a decade

  Requires less maintenance compared to

    organic mulches

  Has the look of organic matter like wood or soil

  Can withstand many seasons and changes in

    weather conditions

  Comes in colors that compliment most plants,

    grass, and flowers

  Keeps out all wood destroying insects


  Will not rot or decay

  Inhibits growth of mold and fungi which helps

    reduce or prevent allergies

  Protect the soil from hot summer and cold

    winter temperatures

  Will not blow away

Landscape™ Rubber Mulch is the innovative way to beautify flowerbeds, shrubs or just about any

outdoor area that would typically be covered with conventional wood mulch.  Rubber mulch is not only attractive and  virtually maintenance-free, it actually benefits the soil and plant roots by forming an insulating cover over the soil allowing water and nutrients in while preventing weed growth.  Landscape™ Rubber Mulch does not breed termites and does not decompose.  Landscape™ Rubber Mulch does not need to be replenished, and retains its earth tone beauty and consistency year-round.

How does rubber mulch compare to traditional wood mulch?


Although both rubber and wood mulch come in a variety of colors to cater to different aesthetic

requirements, rubber mulch retains its vibrancy much longer than wood.



Wood mulch products often use dyed woods, old pallets that have been ground up, and other woods that were originally used in industrial applications.  These woods chips can contain trace amounts of by products and toxins associated with various industries.  Landscape™ Rubber Mulch is composed of re-purposed passenger tires.  Manufacturing Landscape™ involves thoroughly cleaning the tires before grinding them into tiny pellets and using various processes to remove any contaminates.  Landscape™ Rubber Mulch has been thoroughly tested for lead content and soluble heavy metals.



Unlike traditional wood mulch, rubber does not attract termites and other insects because it is not comprised of the organic materials that insects gravitate to.


Soil Benefits

Because of its composition, Landscape™ Rubber  Mulch protects soil from the hot rays of the sun in the summer, and from the frigid cold frost in the winter.  Healthy rain and water will bypass the water-resistant rubber providing an excellent medium to allow water and fertilizer to pass through to the soil, while prohibiting the germination of weeds.



Properly installed, rubber mulch requires little maintenance compared to wood mulch and can last for 10-20 years.  Wood mulch is generally replaced each year.


Fire Safety

Wood mulch is far more flammable compared to rubber mulch.



Although rubber mulch has a higher up front cost, it is actually

the lower cost option over the long term.  Since rubber doesn't

deteriorate, it lasts much longer than wood mulch and eliminates

the need for yearly mulching.  The coverage rate for rubber mulch

is 1.5 inches thick, while wood mulch is typically recommended

to be installed to a minimum thickness of 3 inches.



Black    Terra Cotta   Brown

Quantity-Needed Calculation Box (prior to compaction)







Depth     Width x Length x Lbs/SqFt = Total Lbs ÷ 2,000 = Tons

1 Ton = 2.85 Cubic Yards (color and size are subject to slight variation)

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