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Since rubber mulch hit the market over a decade ago, it has become an

increasingly popular choice for residential and commercial landscaping

based on appearance, durability, land low maintenance factors.



 We used to use wood mulch, but then we switched to Landscape Rubber Mulch.  It never fades, and there is no maintenance.  We water with less frequency now but best

of all, it keeps the weeds down.  If we ever have to make

the choice again, we would definitely choose

Landscape Rubber Mulch.




Landscape Rubber Mulch - WARRANTY

Landscape Rubber Mulch - CUT SHEET

Q  Will Landscape™ Rubber Mulch suffocate my soil?

A   Actually, Landscape™ Rubber Mulch protects your soil, serving as an insulator both summer and winter. Unlike conventional wood mulch, Landscape™ Rubber Mulch will not steal your soil's water and nutrients.


Q  How will Landscape™ Rubber Mulch affect my weed growth?

A   Although Landscape™ Rubber Mulch will reduce weed growth by preventing germination, we recommend that a landscape fabric be installed between the soil and the Landscape™ Rubber Mulch.


Q  Will Landscape™ Rubber Mulch crumble, disintegrate, or decompose?

A   Landscape™ Rubber Mulch chips are made from 100% tire rubber.  All tires are made of vulcanized rubber. The vulcanizing process makes the rubber literally indestructible.


Q  Is Landscape™ Rubber Mulch expensive?

A  The initial investment is more costly than conventional wood mulch, but Landscape™ Rubber Mulch need not be replaced annually.  Landscape™ Rubber Mulch lasts year after year.


Q  Does Landscape™ Rubber Mulch require a lot of maintenance?

A   No!  Maintenance is easy. Aside from fewer weeds, sticks and foreign objects can be removed with

a leaf blower or by light raking.


Q  Does Landscape™ Rubber Mulch have a smell?

A   New Landscape™ Rubber Mulch has a slight odor, much like a new shower curtain.  The odor soon disappears.


Q  What if children or pets eat Landscape™ Rubber Mulch?

A   Landscape™ Rubber Mulch is completely non-toxic. Even colored Landscape™ Rubber Mulch is colored with non-toxic paints.  If accidentally swallowed, it simply passes through the digestive tract of humans and animals.

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