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Contract:  GS-07F-0242M

Protect your soldiers.

Protect your environment.

Military Mulch



 Routine military exercises can be both grueling

and dangerous. We found Military Mulch to be

easy to install, cost-effective, durable and

extremely safe... what more can we say!





Q  Is Military Mulch Safety rated for falls?

A   Yes. Military Mulch is one of the safest surfaces to land on.  Recent testing shows that Military Mulch provides safety performance for falls exceeding 12 feet in height.


Q  Is there any steel content in Military Mulch?

A   No. Military Mulch's 1/2 inch chips are smaller than most others. The smaller the chips, the less likely they are to contain embedded steel wire. To ensure that all wire is removed, Military Mulch chips pass through 4 unique, state of the art magnets during the manufacturing process. This extra attention literally ensures no steel content. In fact, Military Mulch is guaranteed to be 99.9% steel-free.


Q  Will Military Mulch crumble, disintegrate, or decompose?

A   No. Military Mulch chips are made from 100% tire rubber. All tires are made of vulcanized rubber. The vulcanizing process makes the rubber literally indestructible.


Q  Does Military Mulch blow or wash away?

A   No. Military Mulch chips are too heavy to be significantly affected by normal high winds or heavy rains.


Q What type of maintenance is required?

A   Occasional raking.


Q  Is Military Mulch toxic?

A   No. Military Mulch is non-toxic (and in the case of colored surfacing chips, only non-toxic paints are used). The chips has no taste appeal, but if they should be accidentally swallowed, test reports show that the chips will simply pass through the digestive tracts of both humans and animals (Maryland Environmental Services, 1994).


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