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Contract:  GS-07F-0242M

Rated at 16’ fall height protection, RubberBond raises the standard for safety.


Our unique hybrid system combines the superior safety ratings associated with loose-fill systems with the accessibility, low maintenance and design options that a unitary surface provides.  RubberBond's compacted cushion layer is patent pending, softer, safer, and environmentally friendly.  Our cushion layer is topped with a full 1.5 inch thick top layer.  That’s 3 times thicker than standard poured-in-place!


RubberBond can be installed over a variety of substrates eliminating the need for a costly concrete or asphalt sub-base.


See how RubberBond compares to traditional poured-in-place surfacing.

RubberBond Vs. Traditional Poured-in-Place
Description Wear Course Thickness Overall Thickness Average HIC Rating Average Fall Height Rating Weight Per Sq.Ft. Warranty Traditional P.I.P. 3/8 - 1/2” 2 - 3 1/2” 800 plus 6 - 8’ 5 - 7 pounds 5 years RubberBond 1 1/2” 5 1/2” 400 16’ 15 pounds 5 Years Summary 200% thicker Up to 175% thicker More than 50% better safety performance More than double the fall height performance More than twice the material used Same standard warranty
Twice the Rubber, Twice the Safety Performance!

Thicker Top Cap

Thicker Base

Better Fall Height Ratings

Better HIC Ratings

More Weight Per Sq.Ft.


Did You Know?

That the safety performance of a playground surface cannot exceed 1000 HIC (Head Injury Criteria) at any time throughout its life cycle?  While most traditional poured-in-place systems are safety-rated close to

the upper limit  of 1000 HIC, RubberBond has been designed with HIC performance under 300 HIC.  You can be assured that it will always comply with safety standards at any age and in all weather conditions.







RubberBond is Available in these Standard Colors:
RubberBond looks like traditional poured-in-place, but that’s where the similarity ends.

RubberBond is a unique unitary surface with safety performance

unmatched by traditional poured-in-place surfaces.

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