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Enhanced Performance.

   For use in indoor and outdoor arenas,

     tracks, and jumping stadiums

   Environmentally friendly


   Does not decompose or deteriorate

   Does not need to be replaced

   Free of metal and contaminates

   Will not freeze

   Improves facility appearance

   Reduces facility maintenance

Surefoot is backed by a

Lifetime Guarantee!

Surefoot Equestrian Arena Footing is the perfect

footing for your riding arena!

Surefoot™ is a unique rubber granule produced from 100% recycled tires.  Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizes the most advanced magnetic separation methods resulting in a clean,

safe and resilient material.


When introduced to sand, Surefoot™ provides superior

shock absorption that minimizes leg concussion, and

reduces injury to joints and tendons.  The additional

cushion created by  Surefoot™ will also help to reduce

rider injury in the event of a fall.


Surefoot™ contains minuscule micro fibers that help the

surface retain water, thus reducing dust and minimizing



Surefoot™ will not decompose or deteriorate, does not

need to be replaced, and will keep your riding surface in

top condition indefinitely.



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